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Industrial Tour (Ancient City)

In order to aware students about the industrial technology and marketing skill, here is a proposal of industrial Circuit. There are 9 Industries in the circuit. However one guide will take 6 Industries in 3 Hours and 1 hour is allocated for Tiffin and Reporting.


The entry point is Hanumante River. In the bank of the river students can see how organic manure is prepare in traditional way. Then tour is move to Munivihar to see the life history of Lord Buddha in woodcarving and stone art related to Buddha.

In Paper Factory Lokta Paper is made. After Paper Factory, the group head toward Bhadgaule Topi Making Venue which is located near the Nawadurga Temple.  These two Places taken for selected students only and other students will go for Handloom. Then the group will move to see the Woodcarving Centre near Namuna Ghar. Then we can go to see the Vaidya House where ayurbed Medicine are made. Near to Vaidya house is Rice Mill.

To watch how the mustard is press to produce oil the trip is leaded in Palikhel in the oil industry. The square famous for color Nagapokhari has two industries related to Color. One is the Mask Painting Venue and second is Dying Area.

The Chiura Mill has unique feature. It is because you will enter from one tol known as Dugumala and exit from another Tol Bholachhen.  Now we will go to see the Stone Art Making Venue where statue of god and goddess are made. In Yachhen Square you can see Napit Medicine Process if you are lucky. In the same place there is Mask Making Venue. Here is Organic Dhau Factory where students can practice Dhau making process upon paying NPR 200 and get 1 Liter Dhau FREE.

You can see Metal Work Art in Damlalacha. Students enjoy the dynamic sound produce while beating the Metal Plates.

Pottery is well known to students and teachers. Now a day's students can practice pottery after paying certain price in Kumha Tol. Before that students will enjoy the wonderful Complex of Nyatapol Temple where the biggest pagoda of Nepal is installed. After that Big Square which is famous for 5 unique gates is reached? It is also place of reporting and food too. We will gather to Sahid Park known as Children Park to collect feedback. Before return we visit ceramic factory and press.





School Representative

Rabin Rachalica


Industrial Tour Time Table

9:30-10:30 Travel to destination

10:30-10:45 Guide Division

10:45-13:15 Industrial Tour

13:15-13:45 Feedback and Report

13:45-14:15 Tiffin Break

14:15-14:30 Report, review and Return


NPR 510/- Per Person

Cost Include (Management, Tiffin, and Vehicle)

Tiffin include (Chiura, Alau, Bara, Bhatmas, Aduwa, Lasun, , Achar, Bodi, Dhau)



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Contact Team

1.       Anish Manandhar (Banepa) 2. Rojan Shrestha (Sukedhara) 3. Bal Sudan Rajbhandari (Patan)

4. Ritu Duwal (Gapali) 5. Renu Poudel (Chitwan) 6. Sagar Aryal (Palpa) 7. Sunita Bati (Pokhara) 8. Rohini Twati (Lazmipat) 9. Sona Tachamo (Thimi) 10. Daya Duwal (Changu)





SMS Number: +9779841130591

Email: greenteamorg@gmail.com